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Popular Hip-Hop writer, video blogger and radio host Jay Smooth tackled homophobia in Hip-Hop, saying that there’s “nobody more gangster than the LGBT,” reports Raw Story.

Responding to the long-held belief that it’s not “safe” for gay men in Hip-Hop during an appearance on FX’s Totally Biased With W. Kemau Bell, Smooth had this to say:

“Safe for whom, in terms of whether us old fogey heterosexual hip hop listeners are ready,” said Smooth, who hosts the long-running Underground Railroad on WBAI. “I don’t think people should wait until we’re ready; you should make us ready.”

“There’s a sort of old-fogey, anti-gay tea party contingent among hip-hoppers my age,” Smooth said. “There’s a similar thing. They see the tide of history turning against them, so they’re becoming this really loud, freaked-out minority who thinks that our culture’s going to lose its moral center if people are openly gay or wear skinny jeans and things like that.”

Smooth said there was no one more “badass” than gay people, citing the genesis of the gay rights movement during the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City.

“The history of the gay rights movement started from a fight,” he said. “They had a bar fight against the police. There’s nobody more gangster than the LGBT. If they knew their history, like, Rick Ross would be pretending to be gay instead of pretending to be a drug lord.”

Watch the clip below:

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