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According to a report by The Associated Press, President Obama’s favorability rating has plummeted, down six percent from October.  In previous years–particularly at the beginning of his tenure in office–Obama’s popularity among voters reached unparalleled heights.

However, recent failures attached to the Obama Administration–including a 16-day government shutdown, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment fiasco, as well as scattered unemployment throughout populated regions of US–have brought forth severe repercussions.

Gradually, the public’s evaluation of Obama’s performance in the White House has shifted in such a way that–barring a complete turnaround–little can be done to stop the bleeding, experts contend.

“It’s a slow cumulative effect,” Republican pollster David Winston said, adding that personal favorability “is a much harder number to move if it starts to go south.”

Past presidents have also struggled to recover from dips in their favorability ratings.

Bush left office with majorities saying they had both a negative impression of him personally and disapproved of his job performance. And former President Bill Clinton’s favorability numbers never recovered after a fall in 1998 as the Monica Lewinsky story unfolded.

Nevertheless, despite dwindling poll numbers , Obama’s future in politics–assuming he skips retirement after serving the remainder of his current term–won’t suffer major consequences.

For starters, expired presidents are eligible for re-election only once (that means Obama doesn’t qualify). Additionally, the market for tell-all books is booming for ex-government officials willing to spill what they know.

In other words, he’ll be aiight.

Needless to say, a jump in the polls would heighten Obama’s chances of gaining national support for his many, and often delayed, policies.

Good luck, Mr. President.

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