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For the top tech toys we went to the Eastlake Walmart where they put on quite the demonstration. First up are two pretty amazing interactive flying toys like the “Air Hogs Atmosphere.” There’s no remote control for this plastic sphere and it simply hovers over any surface, like your hand. Price $19.88

A similar idea in our next toy, the Flutterbye Fairy. This one is a fairy with wings that spin so that it can hover. It was a little harder to control but very durable as she crashed several times and kept on flying. Price $27.44

“This year there’s a lot of interacting toys. So it’s not just that they sit and play a video game but they’re actually moving while they’re playing with those tech toys,” Walmart manager Amy Fatica told us.

Next up is the revamped classic, Furby Boom. Not only can you talk to your Furby and it understands you, but the new twist is it syncs up to a tablet or smart phone. With the Furby App it interacts while you feed it, bath it and play games with it. Price for Furby Boom $59.

Hands down the hottest tech toy this year will be in the realm of video games. The new PS4 and the Xbox One. They are the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft that are more than just for video games. They will combine all your entertainment in movies, music, skype, sports and gaming. PS4 $399, Xbox One $499.

For high tech toys for adults my choice is the new iPad Air. So incredibly light at just about a pound and now its thinner, faster, more powerful and has better battery life. A little pricey at $499.



Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

Picture Courtesy of and WOIO 19 Action News

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