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Calling Washington, D.C., resident Brian Harris (pictured) the luckiest man on earth would be an understatement! The heavens above had all eyes on Harris when, just days ago, he narrowly escaped being struck by a stray bullet because it got lodged in his wallet, which he was carrying in his pocket, according to The Washington Post.

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After dinner, Harris reportedly decided to take a cup of coffee outside his home. Suddenly, according to the 45-year-old man, shots rang out. Harris then immediately felt a weird sensation in his stomach area, saying, “It felt like somebody hit me with their fist, and I got up,” he said.

Harris quickly surveyed his body for blood, but thankfully did not see a drop. He did, however, continue to feel that weird sensation, so he put his hand in to one of his hoodie pockets, pulled out his wallet, and discovered it was destroyed.

What happened?

A stray bullet had lodged itself in to his wallet (pictured below).

The bullet had passed through his wallet’s contents, a driver’s license, a folded $10 bill, a veteran’s card, credit cards, government ID, dental insurance cards, and his work ID keycard that he reportedly uses to get in to his place of employment at Catholic Charities. The bullet also partially broke through his wallet’s cover and shattered the glass of his smartphone.

Miraculously, the bullet never touched Harris’ body, stopping, according to police, only a few millimeters from his torso.

Thankfully, the wild bullets struck cars and windows in the northeast Edgewood neighborhood but no one was injured.

Watch news coverage of Harris’ good fortune here:

Harris, whom police say was not the intended target of the shootings, was not the only one who was in shock over the fact that he is still standing, D.C. police are even citing divine intervention on his behalf.

“I am generally not a religious man, but this guy is blessed,” said D.C. police Cmdr. Andrew Solberg, told the Post. “I want to go over and touch this man’s hand or clip off a lock of his hair. I want to rub him and feel some magic. We’re all glad that he’s here. I think somebody was watching out for him.”

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