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A town in Kansas has installed “prayer phone booths” throughout its city to encourage residents to take time to kneel and pray throughout their day. The booths come equipped with a lowering kneel bar and instructions so passerby may use the device properly, and one local media outlet has noted that the booths’ presence in inner city areas is proportional to the decrease in crime rate.

Citizens of Kansas City reportedly lobbied city council for the “prayer booths” to be placed around the city on public park space as “public service monuments of arts and counseling to the people of Kansas City.” Since their installment a couple months ago, the prayer booths have reportedly been used 100,000 times per week. According to Topeka News, some of the booths were installed in inner city areas with high crime rates several years ago, and city data confirms that crime has reportedly reduced in those areas in a proportionate manner to the number of people using the prayer booths.

“It is therapeutic, that is how we lobbied them through city council,” local pastor Reverend Miles Collier told Topeka News in a recent interview. “We said these prayer booths are not just for Christians, but for any person to take a break to close their eyes, ask out loud for what they need in life and just take a break from it all. It is like having a free counseling session.”

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