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Miracle: A Christmas miracle came early it seems. A family of six survived two days lost in the wintry Nevada mountains and were saved. Their situation was dire. They were in an overturned Jeep in temperatures of about 20 degrees below zero. How did they survive? The industrious family says they started fires and warmed rocks to help fight against frostbite. When they were found yesterday, their food was almost gone. But they were in good spirits, rescuers said.Survival experts are praising the parents for doing all the right things to keep the family safe during their harrowing 48 hours. Amazing.



More miracles: And this may be even more miraculous than the last blog entry. Republicans and Democrats agreed on a budget deal. We know it is hard to believe. And here’s some more good news. If this deal is approved by the House and Senate it will prevent another government shutdown. So what’s in the deal? Here’s our user-friendly version of the highlights. Leaders from both sides of the aisle were cheering the deal yesterday. U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, one of the architects of the deal, said it will help government run smoothly. “This agreement makes sure that we don’t have a government shutdown scenario in January. It makes sure we don’t have another government shutdown scenario in October. It makes sure that we don’t lurch from crisis to crisis,” the Wisconsin Republican said. President Obama called the deal a good first step. “It’s a good sign that Democrats and Republicans in Congress were able to come together and break the cycle of short-sighted, crisis-driven decision-making to get this done,” Obama said.


Memorable moments: The 10-day mourning period for Nelson Mandela continues today. The body of the former South African leader was moved from Johannesburg to Pretoria this morning. A crowd of thousands lined the procession route. In Pretoria, the anti-apartheid icon, who died last week at 95, will lie in state for three days in the government’s seat. The first day of viewing will be reserved for dignitaries. The public will be allowed to file past his casket on Thursday and Friday.

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