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R. Kelly may be on a comeback with his new album, “Black Panties,” but at least one journalist doesn’t want the world to forget a low point in the R&B singer’s career. Jim DeRogatis, the former Chicago Sun-Times reporter who broke the story about R.Kelly‘s alleged sexual acts with under-age girls, discussed the scandal with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now.

DeRogatis admonished other music reporters for what he feels is lazy journalism and cowardice for neglecting to read the court documents (which are in the public record) that he believes exposes R.Kelly for what he is: a pedophile. If others in the media had looked into the cases more closely, said DeRogatis, they would have found Kelly settled with families who filed suits against him. “R. Kelly solved a lot of  problems with money of 10 or so or dozen lawsuits filed by underage girls,” DeRogatis said. “Those girls were eventually paid off and the settlements were sealed by the court.”

He urges Kelly’s fans to really think about the images he has portrayed in his music. “I think people need to ask themselves what is he singing about, because sex to R. Kelly means preying on 14 and 15-year-old girls.”

Wartch more of the discussion below.

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