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From Kendrick Johnson to Renisha McBride, too many young black people made headlines this year in the United States for news directly related to a tragedy.

But there were some who did make headlines for good news. These young people made history, overcame obstacles to achieve major goals and worked to champion causes. As the year comes to a close we wanted to highlight some of the ones on our radar

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    Gabrielle Turnquest:
  • The University of Law

    18-year-old Gabrielle Turnquest became the youngest person to pass the bar exam in the UK. The Florida native says she didn’t realize the full impact of her accomplishment because she was not aware of the average age. On average, a lawyer graduating from The University of Law’s Bar Professional Training Course is 27.
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    James Ward:
  • 19-year-old James Ward created an online campaign called “Homeless To Howard” to raise money to attend his dream school. For the homeless teen, his financial reality made that dream seem impossible until the donations from strangers started rolling in. He along with his mentor, who helped him with his campaign, have now created a non-profit organization to help other young people fund their college dreams.

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article courtesy of TheHuffingtonPost.com

These Young People Did Amazing Things In 2013  was originally published on praisecleveland.com