Money left over will help with tablet to better educated children and help them advance in learning.


Kevin Zelko has a gentle way about him. He is calm and patient as he works with special education students at Seattle’s Kimball Elementary School. His other side is that of a rabid Seattle sports fan and he loves to see it rub off on the kids.

“With the Seahawk-mania going on, it’s been great. The kids are so excited,” he said.

Many of the students proudly wear their Seahawks gear to school, but not not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford it. While their spirit is strong, for many the $45 for a jersey is to large a cost.

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Sixty-three percent of the kids at Kimball are low income. Among them, 5th grader Kidist Habte. The daughter of a Somali cab driver, she bonds with her family over the weekly football games.

“Well, my dad will be yelling and he’s always yelling, and my mom is like, ‘what’s going on?!’ Because she gets scared,” Habte said.

On Friday afternoon, the students at Kimball gathered for a special Seahawks assembly. Hundreds of hyped young fans chanted, sang and cheered at teeth rattling volumes. Former Seahawks Tony Benjamin and Nesby Glasgow fired them up even more.

Then, the moment Zelko had been waiting for. Teachers started handing out Seahawks jerseys to the children.



Article and Picture Courtesy of KING-TV Seattle

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