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jon stewart-barack obama*Leave it to Jon Stewart to put a funny twist on President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) address.

The “Daily Show” host offered up suggestions on making the speech something worth remembering while questioning why Obama would even bother with the annual address when a preview of it has already been released.

“Why even go on with the speech? Why even go on? The rest of the speech is all jibbity-jabbity,” Stewart joked.

Even Republicans were not spared as the mock news anchor gave an interesting reason behind the GOP’s expected response to Obama’s speech.

“And the Republicans could always give their awkward response speech,” continued Stewart, who played clips of Republican fixtures Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio’s infamously uncomfortable SOTU responses. “It’s such a more efficient way of introducing us to all these people who will never be president.”

As for the overall verdict on Obama’s State of the Union, Stewart attributed the President’s demeanor and willingness to take matters in his own hands to Obama knowing full well that his current term as president is his last.

“Yes, President Obama is apparently now in the ‘f*ck it’ stage of his presidency,” Stewart noted. “He’s done talking to these people, and now he’s just starting to tick things off his f*ck-it list.”

To see Stewart’s full take on the president’s State of the Union address, click on the video below:



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Picture and Video Courtesy of Comedy Central, Hulu and EUR Web

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