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*Good news came last September!

Parents Jawaan McCullough and Jaleesa Martin found out they could keep their baby’s name as Messiah after judge Lu Ann Ballew ordered the baby’s name be changed to Martin DeShawn McCullough.

But another judge reversed the foolishness and allowed the baby’s name to remain Messiah.

Now judge Ballew has been fired as of last friday… for her religious bias.

She told the parents of the baby that their baby’s name was reserved for Jesus Christ.

“`Messiah’ is a title that is held only by Jesus Christ.” She added, “Labeling this child `Messiah’ places an undue burden on him that as a human being, he cannot fulfill,” Ballew stated.

This came as a shock to the parents who were in court over a paternity dispute — they both wanted their son to have their last names.

The Religion Foundation of Wisconsin agreed with the outrage and filed a complaint against the judge through the state’s Board of Judicial Conduct. Chancellor Telford E. Forgety found the judges actions unconstitutional as well — it took him 30 minutes to overturn her actions.

“Everybody’s just happy,” Martin said after the ruling. “I’m glad it’s over with, and I know they are too.”

Martin’s attorney, Kristi Davis said, “I think it’s truly a recognition by the citizens of our country that when a judge oversteps his or her bounds and infringes on the constitutional rights of the people that come in front of them, it’s something that we don’t like, and it’s something that we pay attention to.”



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