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UPDATE: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus announced Thursday morning Cleveland is one of eight cities to move to the next phase of consideration to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.

The theme of Cleveland’s 2016 Republican National Convention pitch is simple, “Start here. Finish here.”

The new website promoting the pitch went online Wednesday the day the city’s 300 page bid arrived in the hands of the Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C.

The web page pointing out that in 2012 no county in Ohio cast as many votes as Cuyahoga County and that a swing of just 15 percent of the county vote in favor of Mitt Romney would have delivered him the state. “The 2016 Republican Convention presents an opportunity to win the hearts and minds of Ohioans early,” the site reads.

You won’t find videos pitching the city like the ones posted for others like Kansas City, Las Vegas, Denver and Phoenix. Positively Cleveland President Dave Gilbert said having been down this road before their focus was on meeting the requirements in the bid, not the show surrounding it.

“The websites they’re important, the videos are important but ultimately for us this is about substance,” said Gilbert. “You have to have the steak before you have the sizzle.”


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Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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