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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams (pictured) has been in a nasty divorce from her former NFL jock husband Kordell Stewart (pictured) over material items. Now TMZ has leaked that Porsha got a raw deal exiting the marriage, reportedly receiving NADA: no alimony, no mansions, no NFL retirement earnings, no cash-out, not even health insurance!

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The 32-year-old Atlanta socialite does, however, get to keep the Mercedes vehicle she currently drives, her engagement ring, $19,000 for her attorney’s fees, and her personal items.

Kordell, on the other hand, made out like a bandit after splitting from his 9-years-younger ex: He holds on to both his mansions, two plots of land, a late-model Mercedes and Porsche, his full retirement benefits, and a full stake in his acquired companies.

The couple, who did not sign a prenup, were only married nearly two years when Kordell and Porsha’s union unraveled at the seams with plenty of mud-slinging and accusations that became headline fodder. Porsha cast aspersions on her husband’s sexuality, while Kordell accused his wife’s family of abusing his hospitality and Porsha of staying out, partying all the time, and neglecting to care for his young son who is in his custody.

Now Porsha, whose spot on her popular reality show is reportedly hanging on by a thread, is reportedly debt-ridden to boot. Only last November she was supposedly spotted swiping an EBT card (typically utilized by welfare recipients to purchase food) at a Buckhead-area Kroger’s supermarket to pay for her groceries. It has also been rumored that Porsha is back living with her mom in order save a few dollars.

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Meanwhile, the former Pittsburgh Steeler has a lucrative job as a sports announcer.

What’s a little old southern gal to do?


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