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Be The Man Conference 2009

After the church service, after a fun dinner at a great restaurant, after driving home alone, it’s never fun walking into an empty house by yourself, is it?

Your pastor throws in token references to singles in his sermon, the singles Sunday School class gets yet another teacher, and almost every week some kindhearted grandmother asks, “Are we seeing anyone lately?”

With the constant drumbeat of friends getting married and having kids, and with the media’s bogus glorification of gorgeous unmarrieds, the last place we want to feel marginalized is at church.  Yet, no matter our comfort level with singlehood, how often do we render only tacit acknowledgement that our marital status is not our identity?

Some of us act more petulantly than others and church-hop, shopping for a hip mix of trendy singles with just enough angst in common to mask our desperation.  Others of us form cliques with similarly unbetrothed saints, marking time as two by two, couples pair up and split away.  And then there are the brave ones who steadfastly profess our singlehood doesn’t gnaw on our psyche, even as we secretly wonder if we’re only kidding ourselves.

Singlehood:  The New Reality

Unfortunately, part of this is simply how mating happens in our society.  Part of this reflects the reality that romance isn’t perfect, even for believers.  After all, just going to church won’t guarantee anybody a happily-ever-after until we reach Heaven, and we won’t have spouses there anyway.

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source: crosswalk.com

Discussion: Singles In The Church: A Compelling Role To Play  was originally published on praisecleveland.com