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Maisel also says that the medical community has been aware of these cancer risks since the device came onto the market.

Why Are Fibroid Risks Higher For Black Women?

No one knows what exactly causes fibroids, and no one knows why fibroids are more common and more severe in black women. However, according to, research has indicated a few possible risk factors that focus on black women, such as:

Family history. If your grandmother, mother, or sister have had fibroids, then you may be more likely to have them as well.

Age. Fibroids occur earlier in African Americans than in other women. It’s not unusual for black women to get fibroids in their 20s. However, fibroids tend to shrink after menopause.

Hormone levels. Fibroid growth seems to depend on estrogen or progesterone. Studies show that fibroids are more likely to get smaller when estrogen levels go down, such as after menopause.

Body weight. Some studies suggest that obesity may play a role in fibroid development. Considering that black women are more likely to be obese than non-Hispanic white women, this is an important issue.

Childbirth. Studies have found that women who have delivered at least one baby are less likely to have fibroids.

Lifestyle. Some studies have indicated that exercise and a healthy diet may lower fibroid risks, while studies have consistently showed that consumption of alcohol raises the risk.

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