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What It Takes to Move Black Youth Forward

“But the plain fact is there are some Americans who, in the aggregate, are consistently doing worse in our society—groups that have had the odds stacked against them in unique ways that require unique solutions; groups who’ve seen fewer opportunities that have spanned generations. And by almost every measure, the group that is facing some of the most severe challenges in the 21st century in this country are boys and young men of color.”

When President Barack Obama uttered those words at the launch of his new initiative, “My Brother’s Keeper,” he did so with the intent of helping ensure boys and young men of color in the United States have the opportunity to reach their full potential. That of course, includes African American young boys.

Prior to this exciting new initiative by President Obama, another powerful initiative had already been functioning and has been making tangible differences in the lives of young Black males all across the Greater Houston area. That initiative is called Project Forward.

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source: BCNN1.com

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