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larry elder donald sterling

As difficult as you would assume it could be to find a Black Donald Sterling apologist, one pops up from his or her coon hole and tells a national television audience that the man who doesn’t want Magic Johnson showing up at his game with his dime piece was given a raw deal.

Conservative political commentator Larry Elder appeared on Fox 11 Los Angeles Wednesday, saying that the ban against the Los Angeles Clippers owner was unfair and says the racists remarks that came to light as a result of TMZ’s reporting are “no big deal.”

“Some idiot has a mistress who connived, trapped him,” Elder said. “She did everything but hold up q-cards to get him to say the N-word and he wouldn’t say it. She tried her best. Now ever single person out there listening to me has an enemy somewhere at work. If your person doesn’t like you, leave a tape, whether you’re at home, in your bedroom, in your bathroom, and it gets out, you could lose your job, you could lose your company, you could lose your reputation. This is what happened to Donald Sterling and it’s not fair, Jeff. It’s not fair.”

Listen to Elder below:

He also has been on Twitter defending Sterling.  Click here to see his tweets!

This isn’t very surprising coming a man who defended Rush Limbaugh for calling President Barack Obama “Barack the Magic Negro.”

But, of course, when the Donald Sterlings of the world rear their ugly heads, they bring with them men like Elder. YouTube user Tariq Live created a video for men just like him. Elder makes an appearance at 1:00.

“Coon Train” by Tariq Live:

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