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It was a very long day for unsuspecting passengers when they boarded a United Airlines flight in Houston and headed for the bright lights of New York City. What was supposed to be a non-stop flight to the Big Apple was brought to a halt in Memphis when a passenger on the plane decided he was going to try and bum rush the cock pit mid-flight.

A woman on the flight named Cookie Smith caught the whole ordeal on her cellphone camera. She says everyone was in a state of shock as the male passenger rushed the cock pit. Smith described the situation, “We were all like ‘Oh my gosh, can you believe?’ We were shaking. I was shaking even after we landed in Memphis. He seemed a little off and he had a black eye. Like the whole white part of his eye was blood red.”

The disturbance is said to have started in the back of the aircraft when the man was harassing a passenger seated next to him. The drama began moving towards the front of the plane when the man got up and rushed toward the front of the plane without warning.

“Right behind him was a flight attendant saying ‘Sir, you can’t go in there, sir you can’t go in there,” Smith recounted. “The guy said, ‘Sir, you have to return to your seat,’ and the guy wouldn’t. So the flight attendant was on the phone covering his mouth.”

When the plane landed in Memphis, the man was placed in handcuffs and escorted off the plane. All of the passengers were removed off of the plane because the man said he had a gun, so the plane had to be searched and secured.

Smith said, “They had to search the plane because he said he had a gun. “Five hours later we were interviewed by the FBI and I gave them my video.”

All of the passengers except for the disturbed man boarded another plane and continued on to Newark Airport without incident.




Article and Video Courtesy of KPRC-TV Houston and The Urban Daily

Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

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