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Christian worship leader Kari Jobe came to the BreatheCast office for an interview about her new album Majestic. Jobe touched upon the topics, what it’s like to worship in other countries, her musical collaboration with Michael W. Smith, and if she enjoyed the K-LOVE Fan Awards.

When asked about what it is like to worship in other countries outside of the U.S., Jobe said the experience was “amazing” because of the unity and bond that brings everyone together.

“I love Americans of course, I’m an American, and it’s really sweet here, but there’s just something about being in South America where the culture is so passionate and it’s almost like they are just so appreciative that you’re there. I don’t know if a lot of people come through those cities or those countries, but they were just excited. I think one of my most favorite places was Brazil. The sound of worship was so incredible, they were so excited, incredible,” she said.

Kari Jobe

(Photo : Facebook)

Jobe was then asked about her collaboration with Michael W. Smith for his song, “The One That Really Matters,” and she explained how it came together and what went behind creating the song.

“He’s amazing. The same guy you see on stage, he’s the same backstage, just so genuine, like a poppa. He’s such a sweet guy. He called a couple days before the recording and was like, ‘I keep thinking about this, I want to ask you to be part of the album. Do you have any time that you can come over?’ Thankfully I could, and it was awesome. Leeland and Jack Mooring were around, and just amazing, it’s like family with them. It’s just all connection and family and community. It was a really sweet experience. Stu G. was a part of it, I love Stu G. it was great,” Jobi said.

The singer then spoke of her time at this year’s K-LOVE Fan Awards, and what it was like being a spectator this year after winning Female Artist of the Year in 2013.

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source: BreatheCast.com

Kari Jobe Explains Worshiping With Different Cultures Around The World  was originally published on praisecleveland.com

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