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Stacie Orrico

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*Recording artist and actress Jeannie Ortega is a contributor to BreatheCast who shares her experiences in the music industry, becoming a Christian artist, life in the public eye, and transforming into a Christian. In 2007 she ignited her way onto the Billboard Charts with her hit “Crowded.” Now, years later she is transitioning her way into Christian music.

Christian singer Stacie Orrico’s cross over into pop mainstream success might very well have been the reason I was encouraged, as a young singer myself, to become a Christian

When I first heard of the artist Stacie Orrico I was 16-years-old in high school and recording my debut pop album for major Disney label Hollywood Records. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, in a violent home, made every moment of my life a desperate cry for positivity in hopes to keep my sanity. Music was always the tool God used to reach me before I came to have a relationship with him.

It was my best friend, Giselle that handed me a copy of Orrico’s 2003 self-titled second album. It was the first time that I had ever heard of a contemporary Christian artist. Another young pop artist was not what intrigued me about Orrico, I was more so in awe of the fact that she was outspoken about her faith and I myself was beginning to pursue my journey with God.

Orrico’s album was a perfect blend of pop love/break-up and Christian songs for someone who loved God, but was not immersed in church culture. After being introduced to the singer’s music I became specifically intrigued with Orrico’s songs, “(There’s Gotta Be ) More To Life,” “Instead,” and “Strong Enough.”

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source: BreatheCast.com


Stacie Orrico Inspires Pop Artist Jeannie Ortega to Embrace Christian Music  was originally published on praisecleveland.com