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td jakes

As emotions continue to run high in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer, megachurchBishop TD Jakes says it’s time for racial profiling to stop.

The Potter’s House pastor admitted that he fears for the welfare of his own sons in an article for the Huffington Post in which he suggested life was hard enough for young black men in America without the “added burden” of racial profiling by the police.

Jakes called the practice “odious” and expressed alarm that the killing of unarmed black men like Brown was “seemingly willful”.

“As a father of three African American sons and a pastor to more than 15,000 black men not to mention the other 23 nationalities that make up The Potter’s House of Dallas, I’m deeply troubled by the constant erosion of the black males whose battle to survive poverty, drugs, violence, dropout rates and other community maladies only to come to such a forlorn and hideous end!” he wrote.

“We certainly don’t need the added burden of racial profiling or any form of injustice leveled against our already perplexing ills.”

Jakes questioned why African American men continue to be stop-searched and arrested by the police more frequently than white men, despite evidence that the latter are more likely to be found with contraband on them.

“In short, whites were stopped for actual suspicious behaviour, whereas black were routinely stopped for racially motivated reasons,” he said.

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