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Daniele Watts

DJango Unchained” actress Daniele Watts (pictured left) said through tears recently that racially charged national events — combined with her own personal experiences — primed her for an explosion at a police officer earlier this fall, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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During a panel discussion Monday at University of Southern California’s School of Law, Watts told her side of a Sept. 11th incident that garnered widespread attention for the actress and her boyfriend, Brian Lucas, (pictured right) because of their allegations of racial profiling.

“At a certain point, enough is enough and somebody has to say something,” Watts said, according to the Times. Her explosion at police, the report says, was sparked, in part, by the recent shooting of unarmed Black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., by a White officer, and seeing her father racially profiled at the age of 16.

At the time of the September incident, Watts said she was stopped because she kissed Lucas. But they were both charged earlier this month with lewd conduct, a misdemeanor, for allegedly engaging in a sexual act in her vehicle last month in Studio City, Calif., NewsOne reported earlier.

Watts’ allegations soon set off a firestorm of criticism, after photos emerged showing the actress topless and seemingly engaged in sexual relations with Lucas.

Still, Watts has refused to apologize for the racial profiling allegation.

Blacks have a hard enough time with racial profiling in America without someone crying wolf. This was not a good look for Watts. After she was apparently outed by photos, Watts should have apologized and kept it moving. Any further explanation for her actions serves as an embarrassment for her and makes it harder for Blacks to pursue legitimate charges against police at crucial times.

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