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wittsRobert Snyder (pictured) and Shyla Witts (pictured) are facing a slew of charges including assault and civil rights violations.  The pair is accused of allegedly viciously attacking an unnamed black Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) worker merely because they were asked to leave a station that was closing, according to The Boston Globe.

During the police interrogation of both Snyder and Witts, the pair reportedly kept spewing racial epithets.  According to Raw Story, Witts informed police that Synder had done a 17-year prison stint and does not take “sh*t from n*ggers.”  Witts also allegedly informed authorities that she too ‘isn’t down with the n*ggers.’”


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A transit police arrest report detailed the horrific beating that was reportedly given to the worker by both Snyder and Witts who were said to be intoxicated at the time of their arrest.  The report states that a black MBTA female worker asked Snyder and Witts to leave a station because it was in the midst of closing.    When the pair reportedly refused, another black MBTA 29-year-old worker tried to usher the couple out of the station when he was suddenly sucker punched by the 45-year-old Snyder.  The police document goes on to allege that the young worker was placed in a headlock by Snyder, who then instructed Witts to also punch the victim and pull out his hair by the roots.

By the time police arrived, there was a 30-foot long trail of blood along the floor that included pieces of hair extensions from the battered victim.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for his injuries.

Both Snyder and Witts, who are believed to be homeless and who were reportedly, extremely combative during their arrests, are scheduled to be arraigned on Monday at the Boston Municipal Court.

Couple Accused In Racially Charged Attack On Boston Transit Worker  was originally published on newsone.com