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Conversation is an art that I fear is being lost in the greater culture and dare I say in the church. I have been raised as a “church girl” all of my life. So I know how church used to be. And something is amiss. Something has changed. And, sadly it’s not for the better in the body of Christ.

On Monday afternoon, I happened across a post on my Facebook page in reference to a video (see full clip here) that had gone viral on the internet from The House of Hope Atlanta’s 138th Anniversary celebration this past weekend. The pastor of The House of Hope Atlanta is Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr., who, frankly has done an amazing job over the last ten years of growing the historic church and is doing an even better job of connecting people across the generations of Greatest-Generation, Baby-Boomers, Gen-X (like me) and Gen-Y.

Another high profile church leader who saw the clip expressed public concern with the video and the dancing in the sanctuary to secular R&B music as inappropriate, out of order, and cause for the saints to “pray” for the church and its leaders. Her post set off a social media firestorm that resulted in thousands of comments, shares, and arguments.

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