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Brownies_640x427An unnamed Annapolis, Maryland high school student is facing drug and assault charges after giving a teacher some of his marijuana-laced brownies, resulting in her hospitalization, according to WMAR News.

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The 17-year-old Broadneck High school student was working on a project with his 16-year-old girlfriend and the student’s unidentified third-period teacher when he took out a brownie. The teacher reportedly asked him for a piece of it, and the student claims he panicked and did not divulge that the brownie contained marijuana.

Not long after ingesting the laced chocolatety snack, the teacher began to feel disoriented.  She was reportedly so out-of-sorts that she had to be escorted to the nurse’s office by a fellow teacher.  The nurse’s office summoned the school’s Special Resource Officer who was then informed about the brownie’s ingredients.  The victim told the officer that she believed the brownie could have contained marijuana which was why she felt ill after consuming it.

When the young man and his girlfriend were summoned for questioning, they appeared lethargic and the boy admitted to giving his teacher the suspect brownie.

The teacher was treated at a nearby hospital, then released.  According to police, they did not have reason to believe that anyone else at the school ingested the marijuana brownies.

The youth was taken into custody and released to a guardian pending charges.

Meanwhile the school’s principal, David Smith, felt compelled to distribute letters to the students to take home to their parents explaining what had taken place:

Hello parents,

I am writing you to let you know about an incident that occurred at school today. One of our teachers was given a brownie by a student and, soon thereafter, began to become disoriented. She was seen by the school nurse and told the nurse about eating the brownie. The nurse immediately summoned me and I sent an administrator to get the student so he could be questioned. The student admitted to giving the teacher the brownie and knowing it contained marijuana.

We are still investigating this matter and will provide more information if it is warranted. More immediately, however, I wanted you let you know of this matter so that if your child exhibits any unexplained symptoms, you would know about this issue and be able to relay it to any appropriate medical or other personnel.

Police are also continuing to investigate. Separate from their investigation, our school will take appropriate action in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct with regard to the student involved.

I urge you to talk with your child about this matter and encourage them to only consume food that they bring to school or that is purchased at our school.

Thank you, and have a good evening.

David Smith


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