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A small #BlackLivesMatter contingent celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s birthday Thursday by hosting a sing-in throughout the N.Y.C. subway system. The group was en-route to the African Burial Ground for the People’s Power Assembly Citywide Strike Against Racism honoring King and his legacy.

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Entering a downtown R train at the 14th Street-Union Square Station, the group sang popular protest song “I Can’t Breathe” and handed out flyers about the MLK Day Of Action.

Watch the group singing here:

“Today is Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. We are just out, raising our voices to raise awareness about police brutality,” said Stephanie Rooker (pictured right of center) to watching passengers. “We invite anyone to come join us, join us in song, join us in just reflecting on what’s going on in our culture today.”

Though they accidentally got off at the wrong stop, the group quickly rebounded by transferring to another train uptown and singing for additional passengers.

“I don’t really have a voice for singing; I’m just hoping to get the word out, like everyone else here,” said No Police State Girl (pictured left of Stephanie), the sing-in’s organizer, in between station stops. “All strategies are welcome for this — whatever it takes to get the word out — whether you’re doing a sing-in, a die-on or a march or a rally.”

“Socially, we see there’s a huge issue around the criminal justice system and how it treats Black and Latino individuals,” added Denver native Colin (pictured right of Stephanie) at the South Ferry Station. “The issue of police brutality, but it goes beyond that — it goes to issues of how trials are held.

Eventually, the group caught an uptown R train to City Hall to convene with others ready for afternoon protests. The actions are scheduled to run through January 19th, the official MLK day holiday.

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