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Fat-Albert-Cries-for-Dr.-HuxtableFunny man Bill Cosby (pictured) has been up to his neck in drama with all of the allegations of sexual assault that has been flung in his direction over the last few months.  Now a teen artist, Rodman Edwards has proposed that a naked sculpture of the comedian be created that he feels will  reflect the true persona of the man who has become media fodder.  Photos of the statue was shown at the Corey Allen Contemporary Art Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida, according to Raw Story.

Comedian/actor Bill Cosby performs at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on September 26, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty Images)

Comedian/actor Bill Cosby performs at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on September 26, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty Images)

The 15-year-old’s sculpture entitled “Fat Albert Cried For Dr. Huxtable” is an eerie depiction of the comedic legend in bronze that stands naked with his arms slightly outstretched at his sides.  Hiding Cosby’s penis in the Edwards sculpture is the famed cartoon character, Fat Albert, who was created and voiced by the comedian.  Edwards reportedly hopes that his creation will take the place of two other Cosby sculptures at the Academy of Television and Arts Sciences Hall of Fame in Orlando and in North Hollywood.

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Edwards’ dad is the world-renowned contemporary artist, Daniel Edwards, known for his extremely controversial works that have centered around celebrity and popular culture.  According to the high schooler, “I wanted to deal with this particular current event, because I was a big fan of Fat Albert when I was very young.  I think that the TV Hall of Fame should most definitely replace their sculpture with this one,” Edwards reportedly told Raw Story.

“I think that the real Bill Cosby should be on display, rather than the kind-looking Dr. Cliff Huxtable with a warm smile that people can see today. I want people to relate to my thoughts, and I think that by removing the current one, and replacing it with my interpretation, people can forget the old Bill Cosby, and remember him as the person he actually is,” said Edwards.

Even though Edwards is represented by the St. Petersburg gallery, there has been no official word as to whether or not the TV Hall of Fame muckety-mucks will mull over his statue replacement proposal.

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