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By BridgetEE

♫ Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore

But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again ♫  You say huh♪  Watch this♪  Back in the day you had honor amongst thieves.  Back in the day you had respect for things and sounds.  Back in the day it was cool to grow your own. Back in the day you supported your own.  Back in the day there were boundaries that were made to be pushed but not destroyed.  Back in the day public opinion mattered, now days the public is represented by a select few.  They say R&B is dead, I say no it’s trying to be killed, and that’s why I’m here.  To keep talking about IT and supporting IT.  The wonderful thing about music is the notes and the bars  are bounded by the score, but the live artists, composers, producers, musicians and arrangers combined give it life, legs to stand on.  Music is like people, it wasn’t created to sound one way.  Although songs about the TRAP are cool, tell me is that something your gonna make love to.  I think it’s wonderful that we can bring to life our TRAP Queens and Truffle Butter, but what about our mothers that are simply just QUEENS?  I miss not being embarrassed by the meaning and really do we have to glorify a beating.  I miss not worrying about somebody calling me a “Ninja” in jest, all because WE crossed over the mess.  I miss that we had choices, diversity, camaraderie, oohh I feel something coming over me right now ♫ ♪ ♫ instead of stupid “A” competitions and dirty tea fests.  I miss that it was cool to have the Motown/Philly  sound, great was just embraced.  Did you know that Berry Gordy did not make a decision on what was a hit entirely on his own?  Did you know that some of the greatest music to stroke this planet was put together in a house that two people wouldn’t have room to live in today, without a bunch of computer contraptions to make it pop.  I miss that people loved because music produced an experience.  Back in the day it wasn’t hard for you to learn the words to a song because you felt it, now days you just feel the beat and half the time don’t have a clue as to what is being said.  Albums might have had six cuts on them now they have sixteen (1 hit, the rest ___ you fill in the blank).  A friend tells me all the time when you by cheap you get cheated.  You want to know what the hell is wrong with me tonight?  Well I sat and listened to Eric Nolan tonight and he reminded me that something …Here’s what I know…one of the three members of The Legendary, Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, O’Jays: Eric Nolan.  You know the baby of the bunch, when he’s performing it looks like he is gliding on air.   Doesn’t sing lead but rounds out the team.  Well guess what he is a necessary cog to the legendary machine.  This handsome brotha had allowed me to hear a song before “Reminds Me” that I’m still hand dancing/stepping/swinging to.  My initial thought was he got one right, but my man is old school and he knocked out a number two that is a number one.   Have you ever heard a soft/subtle powerful voice, one that has amazing range control.  Meaning he glides that voice just as smooth as his feet.  A song writer that not only touches your heart, he kisses your soul.  He reminds me that sex is sexy. (Side bar: I hate sex being referred to as “doing IT”, “getting IT in” or “Smashin”: really yuk!!  NOT SEXY!!)  He is simply incredible ♫  The suave Eric Nolan a Cleveland, OH  native works with an amazing Cleveland Team, family, if you will, that has scored and backed hits for many award winning artist outside of the Ohio confines.   This song and video reminds me of everything that life has tried to leave behind but also making me smile as I hear the musical cavalry coming.  This blog was created to be a highlighter to great projects and from top to bottom this is definitely one.  Thank you Eric Nolan for reminding me, of all that, and  MUSIC “I Miss You” ♪  As always please watch and listen responsibly♫

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