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Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks

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One thing you can definitely say about this NBA championship is that it has been a nail biter every step of the way. The overtimes, the last minute shots, the injuries, the titans of the game showing up to carry the weight on their shoulders, all of this has made this championship one that will go down in the books! If it was a sleeper, where one team dominated the whole series, we would’ve turned it off around the second game. Because what we crave is “close calls.” The drama of not knowing what’s gonna happen next drives our attention and energy. The adrenaline created while watching the game causes our hearts to beat faster and faster as we watch the clock and the court at the same time, wondering who will walk off the court as winners.  The excitement even continues the next day around water coolers and lunch breaks about what happened the night before. But the stories of “the unexpected” are what make the games so dramatic.

The only time it doesn’t is when it’s happening to us.

It’s cool for the court, but not cool for our personal lives. We don’t enjoy sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see if God will show up with a healing or a financial break through at the last few seconds left in the quarter. It drives us crazy when the uncertainties of life can’t be planned or seen in the future so we can prepare. The close calls during other peoples’ games are enjoyable… but not the close calls in our own.

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source: Franklin

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