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Shut up, Don.

Those are the only words I have left to offer Don Lemon.

Last night, the CNN anchor reached a new low when he had the gall to hold a debate about whether President Barack Obamashould apologize for slavery.

I’m really curious to know why this would be a subject that Don Lemon would even want to explore at all. As a Black man, does he not see how problematic it is to suggest that the first Black president be the one to apologize for the horrors this country did to Black people?

To be fair, New York Times columnist Timothy Egan originally sparked the conversation when he wrote the column “Apologize for Slavery” last Friday.

In the column he wrote:

“The first black man to live in the White House, long hesitant about doing anything bold on the color divide, could make one of the most simple and dramatic moves of his presidency: apologize for the land of the free being, at one time, the largest slaveholding nation on earth. As the son of a Kenyan father and a white mother who died more than a century after slavery ended, Barack Obama has little ancestral baggage on this issue. Yet no man could make a stronger statement about America’s original sin than the first African-American president.”

He prefaced this bold statement by mentioning the big news of the week: Rachel Dolezal, the Emanuel AME Church massacreand the 150th anniversary of JuneteenthHow do you have the audacity to mention that a Black person apologize for slavery right after you mention the mockery of Black women that was Rachel Dolezal and the heartbreaking Emanuel AME massacre?

But it was Lemon who decided to further validate his ridiculous assertions by bringing him on air.

Thankfully, the other panelist spoke Joe Madison for the rest of us, “Hell no. Let me make something clear: There is no way that the first African-American President should be the first President of the United States of America to apologize for an institution that was based on white supremacy,” he said. “That should be the next white President of the United States.”

But then, to make matters even worse, (you didn’t think it was possible, did you?), Lemon had the nerve to ask “why race matters” in the context of this conversation. Yes, that’s right. He asked why race matters when asking our first Black president to apologize for slavery.

Madison promptly shut him down, saying, “Once again, this is not an institution that was created by an African-American. If you want to talk about being really heartfelt, then it should come from those individuals whose heritage benefitted from this. This is absolutely the most absurd thing that I have ever heard.”

The ridiculous debate was the latest in Lemon’s Great Trolling Tour Of 2015. Just Monday night, he held up a big sign with the word ‘Nigger’ on it, along with the confederate flag. Watch below.

The fact that Don Lemon’s ratings are through the roof for the 25-54 demographic almost guarantees that he’s secure in his position. So how many more years of this foolishness do we have to deal with? What is it going to take for CNN to get him out of here?

Because I can’t take it anymore.

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