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Readers, let’s talk about Mime, is it a ministry? Is it wrong to allow them to perform in the church? I grew up in a traditional black Baptist church that would not even allow children to touch the communion table unless you wanted to have a private meeting with the deacons and deaconess. Today many traditional churches are changing trying to keep their young members. They have so many new and interesting ministries.

I had someone on social media to tell me MIME is what keeping our youth in church. Now I have seen youth get up and do praise dancing and mime in the church and when the word of God is being preach and taught they leave the sanctuary or move to the back of the church on their phone texting their friends. We need to be teaching our youth what the word of God say about bringing the world in the church.

My question is what’s wrong with our youth singing in the choir, working on the usher board, helping in the finance department, or teaching a youth Sunday school class? We got to get our youth back into the word of God, because if the word don’t keep them no mime dance will.

So my question is, is MIME a ministry?

source: theoldblackchurch.blogspot.com

Discussion: Is Mime Ministry Biblical?  was originally published on praisecleveland.com