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Sarah Jakes Roberts and Husband Touré Roberts

Sarah Jakes Roberts and Husband Touré Roberts

I am six months pregnant with my 3rd child. I struggled to determine if the main distinction of this pregnancy is my age, partner, stage in life, or multiple responsibilities. Then I realized that it is a combination of it all. The blessing of conception does not escape me, but its complexities have often left me feeling insecure. At 27, I’m still a young woman, but my body is much different than it was during my earlier pregnancies. There are many more aches and pain than I remember there being before.

My husband is as involved with this pregnancy as humanly possible (cravings and all!). Armed with books, apps, and the internet, my darling Touré has earned the nickname “Pregnancy Police.” He’s committed to me not lifting anything over 2-3lbs. and is sure to turn me over when I turn onto my back while sleeping. I’ve been in at least 20 cities this year alone speaking to thousands of women across the country. Once I land, I jump right into the trenches of marriage, motherhood, ministry, and whatever else life manages to throw my way, all while watching my ever-expanding midsection struggle to squeeze into clothes that were once too big and attempting to control the hormonal changes of pregnancy. Incidentally, this has made me think six words I never thought would come to mind.

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