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Young Black Entrepreneurs

All of us have heard the word “entrepreneur” tossed around at some point in time. When you picture an entrepreneur, who do you imagine? Maybe you imagine Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or even Mark Zuckerberg. But they aren’t the only ones!

Here’s a list of the top five young African American entrepreneurs to keep an eye on in the year 2016:

#1 – Jaylen D. Bledsoe: This 17-year old entrepreneur is the founder/ CEO of Jaylen D. Bledsoe Group, and is a motivational and professional speaker on the topics of young entrepreneurship, digital strategy, brand development and youth rights. His company focuses on helping his clients develop their brand, and his clients include superstars like Steve Harvey and Jordin Sparks. For more details, visit

#2 – Essynce Moore: This 13-year old entrepreneur is the founder of Essynce Couture, a spa and boutique business for teens and tweens. She is also the author of a book entitled 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles, and is known in her community as a motivational speaker who speaks on the topic of entrepreneurship. She also has her own clothing line. For more details, visit

#3 – Sherron A. Stevens: This 20-year old entrepreneur is the CEO/ founder of Undercover Customer, a customer service consulting company that uses training and evaluations to help organizations generate more revenue by improving their customer’s experience. He has also published a best-selling book on customer service entitled Undercover Customer: 100 Ways to Fix Your Broken Customer Service. For more details, visit

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