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In order to master ones craft one must typically be astute. An underling to great things, produces greatness. In in order to achieve greatness there must be exactly that, order.

Hence the story of the Philly songstress/songwriter by way of Cleveland, Ohio, Laurin Talese and how she brought order to a Gorgeous Chaos.

Laurin Talese started her journey as a Jazz singer in a high school (The Cleveland School of Arts Cleveland, OH), that is the womb to recording artist such as Avant and Conya Doss. She cut her teeth in the back light of, NEO Soul great, Bilal’s spotlight. She stands on a stage today bringing order to the chaotic music world with gorgeous music with seasoned musicians from Babyface and Toni Braxton’s bands as a bed to the lyrical story of her life. Presenting the world her debuted story with the narration help of singer Vivian Greene (featured on Kissing A Fool on the CD) and the Grammy award winning master of Philly sound Robert Glasper (featured on Winter on the CD).

Sounds a bit much? Well, when much is given much is required and thats exactly what Laurin Talese produced for a sold out crowd in a place she still calls home, Cleveland, OH at the Music Box Supper Club. Lauren Talese performed her whole debut album “Gorgeous Chaos” plus some. That means 70 minutes of exceptional sound and superb presentation to a masterful Jazz project. She paid homage to where once she came, while leading us to where she is going. Beautiful, humble, professional added together equals sensational. A controlled singer that knows her range but is not afraid to push that envelope. The soul bearing composer/writer Laurin says:

“In my early involvement with romance, there was so much ambiguity. I was eager and impatient; wistful and naive. I had everything to learn, and that first glimpse of awareness and confidence on the horizon was absolutely GORGEOUS. However, while telling my ever-evolving story I would be remiss to exclude the chaos that ensued. That crazy back and forth dance you do when you’re on the precipice of an epiphany.”

In order to be an all-star you have to inline yourself with an all-star team and that Ms. Laurin Talese has done. In my opinion she is Jill Scott, Mariah Carey and Andra Day mixed together in a blender, so how’s that for a Gorgeous Chaos.

Check out the video from her debut record release.  For More

As always please watch and listen responsibly 🎵

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