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Roland Martin, the outspoken host of TV One’s NewsOne Now, shared his perspective regarding the ongoing Flint water crisis after his exclusive interview with former Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley on Tuesday.

Governor Rick Snyder cannot actually fix this problem,” said Martin. He later added, “What this governor is doing is running from the problem.”

“Doesn’t matter that he’s a Republican, doesn’t matter if he is a Democrat, what matters is that he has failed his own citizens. The folks who went to the polls who voted for him, even those who did not vote for Gov. Rick Snyder, he also failed them because they are still constituents,” Martin said.

He continued, “The reality is this — they tried to save money by switching water. They tried to go with another company and it failed. Their decision to save a few hundred million dollars will now cost even more-so.”

As a result of lead poisoning, the children of Flint will have to be monitored and tested for the next 20 to 30 years. “You’re now talking about something that is in the blood of the people, it is now in the bloodlines — talk about a generational curse — because a few folks who saw a funding issue, what they called a funding crisis, decided to save a few dollars,” said Martin.

“They are playing with the lives of Americans,” Martin added. “And that, folks, is shameful.”

The host of NewsOne Now wrapped his commentary saying simply, “Gov. Snyder needs to go.”

Watch Roland Martin’s perspective in the video clip above.

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