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Beyonce gave viewers a lot to process Saturday night when she released “Lemonade.”

The “visual album,” which aired on HBO, features videos for 12 of the 13 songs on her new album. It was a dreamy and powerful mix of visuals, spoken word, confessions and lyrics.

Add to that themes of love, betrayal, empowerment, tribalism and family, and it was enough to make heads spin.

Over on the internet the struggle has been real as folks try to sort it all out. But “Hold Up,” we are here to try and help you process your reaction in all its stages.

1. Denial and isolation

Beyonce opens with her solo, kneeling on a stage, dressed in black with a head wrap before she begins to sing from her single “Pray You Catch Me” — “You can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath.”
Uh oh.
Fans were sad about Bey wandering alone through a field, her “lonely ear/ Pressed against the walls of your world. There were immediately questions about her husband Jay Z’s role in all of it.

2. Anger

Soon we were deeply into the world of ticked off Beyonce.
In “Hold Up,” the singer strolls through the streets to a reggae beat opining “What’s worse, looking jealous or crazy?” Then she takes out a car window with a bat.
And wait, does that bat she’s swinging really say “Hot Sauce?” That’s the swag she’s had in her bag all along?!
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BEYONCE GAVE HER VIEWERS A LOT TO PROCESS ON SATURDAY NIGHT! YOUR THOUGHTS?  was originally published on praisecleveland.com