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Music is an art.  Great art is beautiful, abstract and is gazed upon for interpretation for times to come.

Great music crosses over.  But legendary music was never in a position to cross, because when it was created it was never attended for just one genre, one type of listener.  It was created from the passion of an artist that just wanted to create and that creation did not have anyone outside of his/her soul in mind.

Great musicians do make great music but musical geniuses evoke music.

Whats the difference between Prince and a lot of other great musicians?  Prince understood that music was not meant to be just one thing, but a multitude of collaborative vision.  Why do you think his bands changed so many times?  Prince could play all instruments as well as sing all parts but it was the collaborative feels to his vision that made his music incomparable.

With the recent news of Prince’s passing, rapper Kendrick Lamar shared that Prince was supposed to be part of his critically acclaimed album “To Pimp A Butterfly” but due to time constraints the song didn’t make the album but the knowledge did.   What better way to cultivate then to collaborate.

Fortunetly Kendrick Lamar did get the chance to perform live in 2014 at an event with Prince, held at his Paisley Park.

Check out the video as Kendrick Lamar speaks of his Prince experience plus their legendary collaboration below.

As always please watch and listen responsibly 🎵

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