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The fight continues against the North Carolina bill that will essentially gut three historically Black universities.

Proposed bill SB-873 would lower the tuition at five universities to the point that they will no longer be self-sufficient.

The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice Greensboro chapter has organized a “Week of Action Against SB-873,” with protests scheduled to begin on Wednesday in an attempt to push back against what some believe will be the end of several HBCUs if the controversial legislation is passed.

Delaney Vandergrift, Chapter Leader of the Million Hoodies Movement in Greensboro, joined Roland Martin during Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne Now to discuss SB-873 and the protest action scheduled for today.

Vandergrift said, “There is a lot of weird shady things going on in the legislature and we’re all just trying to figure it out and stop this bill in its tracks.”

It was previously reported the Chancellor for Winston-Salem State University, one of the colleges targeted by SB-873, said the bill “could be a good thing,” but as Roland Martin stated on NewsOne Now, “Unless you have a guarantee that the money you are going to lose will be replaced each year by the legislature — you don’t really have anything.”

He continued, “You’re hopefully begging every year, hoping they actually fund” the universities.

Vandergrift reminded viewers “a lot of the chancellors are hand-picked by the board of governors — so they have to agree, it seems like, with what the board of governors and the general assembly do to keep their doors open.”

She added, “Students and alumni have to hold these chancellors accountable for things that they say and they have to hold them accountable to provide quality Black education at their HBCUs.”

Watch Roland Martin, Delaney Vandergrift and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the fight against North Carolina’s SB-873 in the video clip above.

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