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Meagan Good

Source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty

Meagan Good is sharing scriptures with countless people as a person protesting in the Black Lives Matter movement and daughter of a police officer who supports law enforcement.

“My Father was LAPD for over 20 yrs, acknowledging the lives of young black men & women being carelessly killed like garbage does not negate the fact that we are devastated by the loss of life of public servants – some whom in fact do actually serve and protect daily,” Good wrote in an Instagram post. “The ones who risk their lives and the pain of their own families as well. Nor does it negate the fact that we don’t want to see anybody of any gender or nationality lose their life senselessly either!”

The Christian actress who took part in an Occupy City Hall protest last Sunday in downtown Los Angeles, California spoke out about the recent killing of police officers while protesting the killing of black people.

“It’s just as horrifying that innocent cops – who had nothing to do with these particular instances – have lost their lives as well. Blaming every single cop in the world is the same as blaming every single black person in the world for the cops that were killed,” she wrote. “All of it is disgusting. We care about EVERYONE.”

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source: The ChristianPost/Joy105.com

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