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Thessalonika Arzu-Embry, a teen prodigy with an IQ of 199, is a sought-after, influential role model for inspiring, mentoring, and empowering others. She graduated high school at age 11, earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology at the age of 14, an MBA at the age of 16, and is set to earn a PhD. at 17 years old.

As an author, Thessalonika has encouraged many with her five best-selling books covering topics from expediting the completion of college, securing justice, to financial investing. Her titles include The Genius Race: What do I Gain for Being Wise?, In the Future, Jump the Education Barrier, Settled: Justice for All, and Perspicacious Investing: High Risk Hedge Fund Methods Revealed.

She also created a program called JUMP that helps students complete college, as quickly as possible, so they can enter society and do the most good.

Thessalonika says that a doctorate degree in aviation psychology will give her the knowledge to work for aviation companiesm and reduce what she calls “human factor errors” – the types of problems that typically cause plane crashes. “Using psychology to recognize when a pilot is agitated, is dealing with stress or is having other issues that negatively affect job performance can help a company avoid potentially deadly mistakes in the air,” she says. “That’s really a blend of psychology and business.”

She is already a licensed pilot.

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