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Hip-hop music/culture and social activism go hand in hand and during this year’s Congressional Black Caucus legislative conference, proponents of the musical genre and activists from the social justice movement came together to discuss how the hip-hop community can build a bridge between itself and law enforcement.

During the panel discussion convened by Congressman Andre Carson (D-IN), Roland Martin, the moderator of this particular session, asked what’s next in the movement for social justice and how it will keep people engaged.

Angela Rye, Principal of Impact Strategies and a CNN political commentator who is often seen debating the issues on TV One’s NewsOne Now, shared with those in attendance she did not want to answer a what’s next problem because we have a what’s now problem.

“I’m just not talking about police brutality,” said Rye. “I wish it was just one issue.”

Rye said while the panel was scheduled to discuss police brutality, Rep. Carson’s colleagues were holding a press conference denouncing Donald Trump for the sham of a press conference and announcement regarding President Barack Obama‘s birthplace.

The opinionated political pundit called Trump the “lead spokesperson for the birther movement” and later added the birther movement “is the most racist thing we’ve seen in our past.”

For those who do not believe the birther accusations levied by Trump against Pres. Obama are not racist, Rye had a few choice words to help them digest the bigotry at the root of birtherism.

Rye said birthers “are trying to delegitimize 44 – 44 is the first Black president – the first time you really see difference, and that difference happens to look like us.”

She continued, “You’re trying to say that it’s not American, it’s un-American” and people of African descent are largely responsible for building this nation through the institution of slavery.

Rye proclaimed, “We are absolutely 100 percent American.”

Ms. Rye continued her verbal assault on Trump for his misguided press conference, saying the GOP presidential nominee used the presser to parade his new hotel in front of the world and expressed her hope that people are boycotting Trump’s various endeavors.

“We have a what’s now problem,” Rye reiterated. “Donald Trump wants to be the law and order candidate and every time law and order has come to our neighborhoods, we are incarcerated, we are hurt, we are brutalized –we can’t have that.

“Our what’s now problem is Donald Trump.”

Watch Angela Rye, Tamika Mallory, Rep. Andre Carson, Roland Martin, and others discuss police brutality and what the hip-hop community can do to address it in the video clip above.


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