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News Talk Cleveland Featured Video

Lyfe Jennings In Concert - New York, NY

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Last night in Cleveland “Relationship Hour’ got real. We laughed through amazing relationship advise given by Sam Sylk. We got some great lyrical testimony from Vivian Green as she made the audience stand as the released the drama from their lives then rocked them back to hope of the future. Vivian also gave us new music and humbly greeted each fan after her set.

Mr. Lyfe Jennings educated us with STATISTICS to help all of us identify what to look for in our soulmate. Lfye brought life to what “MUST BE NICE” means acting as the Pied Piper of love to a crowd of his lyrically excelled students. Lyfe Jennings was the total opposite of the cold brother portrayed on “Love and Hip Hop”. After he stepped off stage instead of taking a moment to rest he embraced his fans who in tears told him stories of how his music made their life a little better. When Palace staff told him fans where outside in the lobby waiting for him and asked him did the want him to send them away? He said, NO, take me to them. Humble, gracious and extremely talented.

Shows like this is what the world needs more of artists that entertain as well as show love to those who made it possible for them to be here. Check out what you missed…

Last Night We Had Relationship Hour Live: “Lyfe, Love And Laughter” [VIDEO]  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com