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Bunny DeBarge is tired of all the Janet Jackson and James DeBarge secret baby drama, especially as it pertains to the latest person to claim she is their daughter, “Tiffiny” from Philly.

The latest story goes, allegedly, Tiffany had a DNA test taken and it came back that she was a 96.7% match. The problem is that Tiffiny’s blood was drawn but not Janet or James’s but rather momma DeBarge, Ms. Etterlene Debarge age 81. According to Bunny DeBarge all that means is that she is some kin to her mother Etterlene but not necessarily a DeBarge. See Bunny’s FB post below

To my Facebook friends that have question about the inside edition show last night. We DeBarge and especially my Brother James have nothing to do with what is being said. Speaking in behalf of my siblings we are totally embarrassed and are in no way in agreement with what is being done. James loves Janet and always will. He would not ever go out of his way to hurt her like this. This was done without our knowledge. My mother is 81 years old and apparently not doing well and we have to accept this as a family.Bless her heart mom is getting up there. Prayer Warrior please keep momma in prayer. This girl has in no way proven with dna to be My brothers child. Some people will do anything for 15 min. of fame. This is a big joke people. The DNA only proves she is kin to my mother. Not one DeBarge child resemble this girl. We want it known that We are not in agreement with this mess.

Well Wendy Williams during her Hot Topic’s segment broached the subject then said that Bunny didn’t say “That’s Not My Niece.” (12 minute mark of the video)

Now Bunny is responding to Wendy Williams questioning via Facebook

To #WendyWilliams Tiffiny Whyte is not my niece and she does not have DNA from James DeBarge Or Janet Jackson to prove it!

Wendy Williams check, Bunny DeBarge checkmate!!

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