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In 1966, the legendary singer James Brown released one of his most well known songs titled “It’

s a Man’s World.” At the time of its release and for many years to come, his words were indeed

true of the American society at large.  Men have predominately been the front-runners for

decades—holding the top jobs and grossing the highest salaries compared to women.

But, as many of you who are reading this can attest to, times have certainly changed.

Women are now finding themselves in the roles that their husbands occupied for so long as

primary breadwinners and are doing so with the added pressures that naturally come with

being the woman of the house.  These are definitely trying times that we are in that require a

new breed of women to handle them.

Being a woman is not for the faint of heart.  If there was ever a need for a unified front with our

fellow sisters, that time is now.  If you’ve found yourself at the front of the line in your family,

you may be asking yourself, ”So what’s a girl to do?”

I’m glad you asked.

You Were Built to Handle Pressure

The first thing you have to realize as a woman is that you were built to be able to handle this

kind of pressure.  Psalms 103:14 says “For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are

dust.”  Any time I am in a place that feels that I cannot go any further, I remember that God

knows my frame.  The Creator of the universe knows every detail about you.  He knows how

you process stress, what makes you tick and what makes you want to ‘flip out’.  Regardless of

how difficult your life is right now, God himself knows what you are capable of handling. Rest in

the fact that a loving God, who knows us so well, could never place more on us than we are

able to bear.

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