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Source: Douglas Sacha / Getty

The owners of a Cleveland store were faced with customer who physically became more than aggressive after her card was declined when trying to make a purchase.

An elderly couple, who happen to be the owners of Chic Beauty Supply on Lorain Road, were shown on video being attacked by a female patron after “disagreement between the couple and the woman” involving a $11.85 purchase took place.

From WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

“She tried to pay for these products and the card was declined,” said Jo. “It was one of those pre-paid credit cards and she put the pin numbers in and was declined and she was not happy.”

In the video, you can hear his parents explain that she cannot leave with the items because there wasn’t money on the card.

“It’s not cleared. We cannot give you anything ‘cause it’s not cleared,” they emphasized to the customer.

After yelling at the couple, the customer started to attack them despite telling the two to “call the police.”

The attack was caught on both cell phone and surveillance video.

What happened was the woman physically went after “Jo’s father first and when his mother steps in, the woman punches and drags his mother across the store floor by her hair.”  The older woman was “knocked” unconsciously.

The couple, who are also the store owners, are okay despite being “bruised and bloodied” and resume operations on July 26 to “clean up the store and conduct business as usual.”

As for the female attacker, she is now wanted by Cleveland Police.  It is not known what exactly provoked her to attack the owners, though not being able to leave with the items she attempted to purchase is likely one of the motives.

Police is asking the public to call them if they know anything, especially with her identity.

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Article and Video Courtesy of WEWS News 5 Cleveland

First and Second Picture Courtesy of Douglas Sacha and Getty Images

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