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I fully expect white people to take the lead on our current labor crisis and fix it from both the supply side and the demand side.

I mean, Black people aren’t so stupid that we don’t realize that the people slipping into this country from Mexico, Central and South America—people that are interestingly enough called “illegal aliens”—aren’t coming here to work as itinerant farmers.

They’re coming here because they get hired to work as dishwashers, busboys and day laborers.

Why the immigrants themselves are considered criminals and not the people that hire them is too much from my Black mind to process.

But I do understand that by hiring these “illegals”, shop, store and homeowners are able to save a tremendous amount of money versus the current going minimum wage that hiring a native born or naturalized American citizen would require.

And if you’re like me, you’ve heard all your life not only of how Black people are “lazy”, but also of how some white guy’s poor European immigrant ancestor came to America with nothing and worked his way up to the top, pulling himself up “by his bootstraps” as the saying goes.

And now we also know why Tea Party Members have all day and all week to walk around wearing stupid outfits and carrying dumb signs: 60% of them are unemployed.

You’ve also got these 99ers that have exhausted their 99 weeks of Unemployment Insurance and are—I don’t even know what they’re doing, I just know they’re in the news and Glenn Beck is dissing them.

When I find myself agreeing with Glenn Beck, the country has gotta be in bad shape.

So I’m calling on all my white brothers and sisters out there. You’re our only hope. Get out there and start stealing work away from Mexicans!

You’ll be killing two birds—your own unemployment and illegal immigration—with one stone.

I wanna see white people in restaurant kitchens, refilling water glasses and landscaping.

Remember, you can’t have a bad job; you can only do a bad job.

Get out there and pull yourselves up by your bootstraps yet again.

Show the rest of us how it’s done.

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