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This is a darn shame and I’m even ashamed to post this. However, it is a prime example of how people in this day and age will do anything to be famous, example Kat Stack Sextapes. Chicago rapper named Gregory Hill who is the brother in law to Jennifer Hudson Is exploiting the murders of her family to become famous. He talks how she is apart of the illuminati and insinuates that the deaths may be connected to the sacrifices she made to be famous. This is a darn shame that he would use the death and pain of family lost as a means to get attention… more details below and keep Jennifer in your prayers.

(MTO) If you don’t know Gregory, you shouldn’t. He’s a VERY WHACK RAPPER . . . who’s about 10 years TOO OLD to be trying to make a career out of it.

But Gregory has ONE claim to fame. He is Julia Hudson’s babys father. And his son, Julian, was the murdered little nephew of music superstar Jennifer Hudson.

So Gregory is using his connection o the Hudson family TRAGEDY to try and sell his new album. Check out the below video where he talks VERY RECKLESS about Jennifer, and then he gives a tour of the CRIME SCENE . . where the Hudson family as murdered.

I’m right here in front of the Hudson’s house. And I’m Jennifer Hudson’s nephew father.

The little guy. Julian King [was] my son.

But I just got a little something I need to get up off mu chest. Cause I’ve been hearing a lot of nonsense and rumors . . .

I hear that Jennifer Hudson is supposed to be a Free Mason .. . and she supposedly SACRIFICED SOME THINGS to get where she’s at . . . Whatever’s done in the dark, will come to the light


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