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ELYRIA TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Lorain County authorities are out Wednesday morning to search for clues after a gruesome discovery Monday night.

Two teenagers walking on abandoned railroad tracks found a severed human foot on State Route 57, just north of SR 2 in Elyria Township.

Police say the missing foot and much of a lower leg was only about 24-hours-old. It doesn’t match any of their missing persons’ profiles or any emergency room visits in the area.

The area is muddy and overgrown, which makes it a more difficult place to search. The railroad tracks are abandoned and have been for years. Information about the discovery has been sent out to surrounding areas. There is talk about police using a helicopter today and possibly dogs.

The coroner says it’s a white woman’s foot. Her age is between 45 and 60. She’s about 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-7 and weighs roughly 200 pounds.

Authorities say the abandoned railroad tracks are not known for homelessness, drug use, or crime. They do know the foot was removed from the body in a violent manner, like an accident, but not from a surgical procedure.

Article courtesy of: newsnet5.com

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