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When people think of hunger, they think of starving third world children and days of old. Still hunger is a major problem in the U.S. Despite the fact that America can invest hundreds of billions of dollars into wars overseas, we still can’t feed the people at home.

The USDA keeps statistics on hunger. They use a term called “very low food security”, which was formerly called “food insecure with hunger”. According to the USDA, 17 million people are living with low food security that is up 100% from 2000, when only 8.5 million people were living in food insecurity. Also according to the USDA, 25.7 percent of African Americans live in food insecurity, which we can say is code for


Southern states such as Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas are hit worst by hunger. Many people do not think that hunger is a problem in the U.S.

because of the large amount of obese people and small amount of skinny ones you see in America. Still while cheap unhealthy food is available

to poor people, this food is not enough to sustain human beings. Malnutrition not only affects the health of children but also their

behavior, according to studies.

Food Stamps is also an indicator of how many people in this county struggle to keep their families fed. According to Cornell University, 4

out of 10 Americans will use Food Stamps in their lives including 85% of all African-Americans.

Hunger is not simply limited to the homeless and the unemployed. Millions of working families still struggle to keep food on the table.

Often time urban neighborhoods have no stores to buy healthy food, which leads to malnutrition and bad diets and bad diets.

Kraft has a new program called Kraft Huddle to Fight Hunger. During this football season they are offering a coupon program where customers will

not only save up to $5 on Kraft products, but they will also donate up to five meals to feed America. Check out their promotional video here.

If more food companies would take initiatives like this, we could fight hunger and malnutrition and help, the homeless, unemployed and working

poor to feed themselves and their family.


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