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Folks are questioning whether or not a sudden round of boos heard during last night’s “Dancing with the Stars” was for former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who sat in the front row to cheer on her daughter Bristol.

While Jennifer Grey, Derek Hough and co-host Brooke Burke were backstage wrapping up their post-dance interview following the judge’s scores, a chorus of boos could be heard from the audience, causing all three to wonder aloud what was going on.

“There’s booing in the ballroom, we don’t know why,” Burke said in a rare off-the-prompter moment.

Burke then threw it back to host Tom Bergeron, who was suddenly sitting next to Palin. The booing had subsided. And when he introduced Palin, the audience responded with polite applause.

So was the booing for Grey’s scores (three “8s” to lead the pack for a second week in a row), or for Palin’s impending interview by Bergeron? Or for something entirely different? [Watch below.]

According to tweets from Bergeron and former contestant Niecy Nash, who was in the audience last night, the booing was for the judge’s scores. Apparently, the audience felt Grey deserved more than her triple 8s. Source:


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